Mode Laboratory Spring/Summer 2014 Lookbook

Model: Megan Hoye

Photographer: Tristan Beedon

Makeup: Angela Saysuwan

Shot in the Volunteer Park Conservatory, Seattle, Washington

For 2014

stop letting your resentment of the rich kids stand in the way of surpassing them.

go commercial. being a whore won’t prevent you from doing great work. It’ll just give you more time and money to do it with.

on that note: no more day job. make art your living. your life.

shoot film. everywhere and anywhere possible. shoot more film than digital.

stop being afraid of studio work. don’t let the northwest winter kill your productivity.

paint. draw. write. stop limiting yourself.

find a home. carve out a life. the time is right. the pieces are in place. do it.

Seattle area followers (do I have any of those?): I need new faces - looking to get a little deeper into portrait work, aiming to create unique images that say something about the subject, in particular I’d love to photograph other artists, musicians, etc. although that’s by no means a requirement. Hit me up here or at